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Go to and set up an account. You can connect directly to your Google,  Microsoft or Apple accounts or create an account manually. Make sure that you choose the teacher teacher option when requested. Your students won't have to create an account. You will then get the choice of the free or premium account packages.


Start off by searching for a premade Kahoot quiz. If you chose the free option, then your choice will be limited to mostly quizzes created by other individuals. When playing live in class, Kahoot quizzes are displayed on a shared screen that everyone in the classroom can see. Students join in using a join code and answer using their own device with an internet connection, for example a tablet or computer.

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Getting Started

Your First Kahoot Quiz

Choose whether students play individually (Classic mode) or in Team mode. Click Start once you can see all the players’ nicknames in the “waiting room”. During playing you can use the spacebar or your mouse to go to the next question. After the Kahoot quiz, you can always find and assess results in the Reports section.

Types of Kahoot Quizzes

You can also assign Kahoot quizzes as student paced assignments to assess understanding at the end of a lesson, for example.  If you choose to buy the premium package, you will have access to many Kahoot quizzes from the likes of the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Disney and Khan Academy.

Creating Your Own Kahoot Quiz

  • Click Create and choose New Kahoot.

  • Start typing your first quiz question. Add answer alternatives and mark the correct answer(s).

  • Tune the timer and points depending on the complexity of the question.

  • Add an image by uploading it from your computer or choosing one from our image library.

  • Click Add question on the left-hand side. With a free Kahoot! account, you can add multiple-choice quiz, true or false questions, and classic slides. The premium accounts allow for a greater choice of question styles.

  • All changes are saved automatically as you create your Kahoot quiz. You can then save it to your library and assign it at a later date.

Pros of using Kahoot

  • Easy to use and no need for a student login

  • Great for remote learning

  • Varied style of quiz formats

  • Engaging and competitive

  • You can use pre-made quizzes

  • Works on laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and phones

Cons of using Kahoot

  • You cannot be sure that the answers are correct on pre-made quizzes

  • There could be more options on the free package

  • Wifi issues if there are many users in one location


In short, Kahoot is a really good platform for checking for understanding, the Friday quiz, etc. Ensure that if you are using a premade Kahoot quiz then make a copy and edit it. Check that all answers are correct and there are no surprise questions.

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