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99 Math

99math offers a convenient and efficient approach to engage students in competitive math practice, either as a whole class or for individual use at home. Its adaptability to distance and remote learning environments makes it even more appealing. While it allows grade level selection from K–12, it shines the most when used for K–6 or middle school students striving to reach their grade level.

Setting up quizzes becomes a breeze with the built-in question sets, making it an excellent post-lesson or unit formative assessment tool. It also serves as a helpful tool for assessing student abilities before starting a lesson. Teachers can utilise the detailed reports provided by 99math to gain valuable insights into their students' progress.

However, it's essential to acknowledge that the competitive format of 99math may not be suitable for every student and could potentially affect the accuracy of the results. Despite this limitation, 99math remains an effective and engaging resource for math practice and assessment in various learning settings.

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Pros of using Math99

  • Easy to use 

  • Great for remote learning

  • Built in practice sets

  • Clear reports

Cons of using Math99

  • Doesn't adapt to student responses

  • Highly competitive which may prove frustrating for some students


In short, Math99 is a useful platform for for students to get some quick maths practice. However, the competitive element isn't for everyone.

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