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In today's fast-paced and technology-driven world, students face a constant battle against distractions that can hinder their learning progress. However, there is a tool at their disposal: the ability to create personalised strategies for optimal learning and distraction avoidance. This is where ‘Learn Like a DJ’  can help students reflect on their own barriers to learning and the possible strategies they can use to combat them.

Learn Like A DJ: Student Strategies for Optimum Learning

Free Download Teach Like A DJ Organiser
Free Download Teach Like A DJ Organiser
One Page Organiser

Teach Like A DJ Graphic Organisers

Now you can download the 'Teach Like A DJ' graphic organisers for educators to use for planning. Making sure that you are always 'Teaching Like A DJ!'

Multiple  Page Organiser
Teach Like A DJ

Teach Like A DJ

Teaching is more than just conveying information; it is about captivating students' minds and fostering a genuine passion for learning. Drawing inspiration from the art of a DJ, educators can create a vibrant and interactive classroom environment that leaves a lasting impact on students.

8 Step New Software Introduction For Teachers

By following a thoughtful and strategic approach, schools can successfully integrate software into their classrooms, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment that equips students with the skills they need to thrive in the modern world. 

8 Step New Software Introduction

Textos Menu

Use the ‘Menu’ which is in the style of a well known chicken restaurant to help the students critique or plan their informational writing. This could be done in conjunction with a graphic organiser.

Textos Menu
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