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Manga High

Mangahigh proves to be the perfect fit for blended classrooms, as well as an excellent alternative to homework and additional practice. Through its user-friendly dashboard, teachers can effortlessly establish distinct classes, enroll students, select particular games accessible to each class, and keep track of their progress. The Challenges feature enables teachers to locate games and Prodigi quizzes aligned with specific standards, which can be assigned to students accordingly.

For more mature students, the Prodigi section offers a suitable environment with activities centred around numbers, algebra, shapes, and data. These activities tend to be more text-based and involve multiple-choice critical thinking, making it an ideal learning space for older learners.

Mangahigh logo

Getting Started

Logging in

Click on the teacher login.

Mangahigh Teacher Login

Print out student logins

Mangahigh Printing student logins

Creating student logins for your class

Creating student logins for your class

Assigning Activities

You can assign activities to one class, or multiple classes at a time.


Use the class drop down menu to:

  • Assign activities to one class only, by selecting the class name. You will also be able to individualise your selection.

  • Assign activities to multiple classes, by selecting the school name. You will be asked to select from the list of classes.

Next, click Assign to start finding activities through the curriculum folders. You can preview the activity by pressing Play.

Mangahigh assigning practice maths

The Teacher Dashboard

Student Data

Pros of using Mangahigh

  • Easy to use

  • Great for remote learning

  • Varied style of quiz formats

  • Engaging and competitive

  • The teacher dashboard can be used to track progress

  • Ideal for a station in a Maths lesson to check for understanding

  • Works on laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and phones

Cons of using Mangahigh

  • Drill and practice activities can become tedious

  • The pace of some of the games is a bit slow

  • Wifi issues if there are many users in one location


In short, Mangahigh is a really good platform for checking for understanding, formative assessments or additional practice.

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