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Quizlet is an extensive study tool primarily centered around flashcards and quizzes designed to aid in recalling facts. Users have the ability to create their own study sets and test themselves on the material. Additionally, they can explore a vast database containing millions of study sets generated by fellow students, teachers, and corporate partners. These study sets encompass both text-based and visual materials and can be duplicated and modified to suit individual preferences. Each study set on Quizlet comes with up to seven study activities, including games like matching and fill-in-the-blank, as well as timed quizzes.

While students can freely access study materials shared by users worldwide, many teachers create custom study sets exclusively for their classes. Verified Creators, such as educational institutions and curriculum publishers, also contribute premium content to Quizlet, 

Sign up to Quizlet by connecting your Gmail or by completing a free subscription.

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Getting Started

Your First Quizlet 

Once logged in, start by searching for a set of flash cards related to what your students to review. Search by keywords, subjects and titles to find sets that you can share with your students.

Creating Your Own Quizlet

Depending on what your students to review, can come up a classroom set of topic specific vocabulary and definitions. Once created, you can reuse this and edit it in your own library. With free accounts, students can create their own vocabulary lists.

Going further with Quizlet

To increase engagement, you can add images, audio and video to your vocabulary sets. Your vocabulary sets can be organised into subject folders for your ease of use. These folders can then be shared with your students for practice. The students can use to practice on their tablet devices using the Quizlet App. Increased competition can be encouraged through a number of games.

Pros of using Quizlet

  • Easy to use

  • Great for remote learning

  • Adaptable to whatever you are teaching

  • Engaging and competitive

  • You can use pre-made quizzes or create your own

  • Self-directed learning opportunity

Cons of using Quizlet

  • You cannot be sure that the answers are correct on pre-made quizzes

  • Simple an possibly less engaging to some students


In short, Quizlet is a really good platform for checking for vocabulary understanding.  The fact that you can create your own sets of words connected to your current topics of study is valuable.

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